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The second period of Instrument for Pre-accession (IPA), which is following the first period, will also be carried out with the purpose of increasing our country’s capacity in the adoption and implementation of the EU acquis and establishing capacities for economic and social cohesion.

With the aim of a more effective utilisation of funds, sectoral approach is adopted. The component based structure that existed in IPA I period is removed and sector responsible institutions are defined which will carry out the studies within specific sectors that are to be financed in this new period.

IPA II Regulation, numbered 231/2014 and dated 11 March 2014 is published in the EU Official Gazette on 15 March 2014; IPA II Implementation Regulation, numbered 447/2014 and dated 2 May 2014 is published in the EU Official Gazette on 3 May 2014. They constitute the legal framework of the new period from the EU side.

The main document of this new period indicating the financing priorities of assistance under IPA is the Indicative Strategy Paper for Turkey, which was adopted by the European Commission on 26 August 2014.

The total allocation for Turkey under IPA II for 7 years amounts to 4.453,9 MEUR, as stated in the Country Strategy Paper.

The following 9 sectors are identified as priority sectors and sector responsible institution:

  1. Democracy and Governance (Ministry for EU Affairs) (Adoption of the EU Acquis, Union Programs and Civil Society)

  2. Justice, Home Affairs and Fundamental Rights (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Ministry for EU Affairs

  3. Transport (Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications)

  4. Environment and Climate (Ministry of Environment and Urbanization)

  5. Energy (Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources)

  6. Competitiveness and Innovation (ministry of Science, Industry and Technology)

  7. Employment, Human Resources Development and Social Policies (Ministry of Labor and Social Security)

  8. Agriculture and Rural Development (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock)

  9. Regional and Cross-border Co-operation (Ministry for EU Affairs)


The Framework Agreement, transferring the implementation principles into internal legislation was signed by the National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC), H.E. Ambassador Mr. Rauf Engin SOYSAL, on 11 February 2015 in Ankara. The Law No. 6647 regarding approval of the Framework Agreement by Turkish Grand National Assembly was promulgated on the Official Gazette dated 28 April 2015.


Council of Ministers’ decision approving the Agreement was published in Official Gazette on 21 June 2015 numbered 29393. As per the provision regarding entry into force after the exchange of Note Verbales, the Agreement entered into force 22 June 2015.


The Prime Ministry Circular numbered 2015/15 regulating the distribution of roles and responsibilities of the relevant institutions in Turkey entered into force on 8 December 2015.


Technical Assistance for IPA II (2014-2020)

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